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Summer 21

Today is sometime in early May. We're about 4 weeks out from the start of summer. I blundered about for the last 24 - 36 months of my life, and with some luck, we're going to finally synthesize a few years of failures into something useful.

First thing I've learned... it is a good idea to keep a calendar, and it is also a good idea to have a website. Journaling is also a good idea -- that is, if you accept the premise that it is useful to become competent in speech and thought through the regular process of reading and writing.

Another thing I've learned from the peak-performance types is that there is a common formula to achieve peak-performance or mastery, and it goes a like this: Peak Performance = small, compounding improvements over a large span of time. Building this website is giving me a reason to think and create, and I'm hoping to use the website as a foundational tool to help my own development.

Now that I'm done with undergrad, I have more free intellectual energy that I would like to put into something(s). One domain I wish to obtain mastery in is forex day-trading. I just recently passed the FTMO practice Challenge for the first time, and I think that around 7-30 hours a week of my time should be focused on becoming a funded trader.

I would also like to mess around with Spotify's API, and hopefully learn how to manipulate playlists by the end of the summer. (probably here on this site)

The rest of my energies I would like to be focused on playing games, mainly tennis for now. I'm signing a 24 month contract with myself to become a full-time tennis pro. I hope to get into good enough playing shape to win an Open, and I would like to play in at least three different singles tournaments this summer. I need to get my UTR to a respectable level.

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