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Be a Practitioner, not just a Manager or Scholar

Okay so the main thing here is the logic behind the following: p --> q does not mean q ---> p. Let me explain. Great Practitioners are more than capable of also being great Managers/Leaders. However, great Managers are not required to, therefore are often NOT great practitioners.

This began long ago in when humans invented the clergy class. You see, in medieval times, almost all of our societies are organized into castes. The clergyman, which evolved into the scholar, was the first occupation that any peasant (individual low in their respective caste system) could become and thus raising their own status to an upper caste. If an individual became literate and also developed the ability to articulate and learn the knowledge he/she read, then he/she could drastically improve his/her quality of life. What an incredible concept.

In our modern times, there are many ways for an individual to raise their own respective social status. It has become one of the many wonders of the digital revolution how seemingly with little effort some of us are finding ways of becoming extremely happy, healthy, and wealthy. Our modern democracies paired with the digital age have in my opinion leveled the playing field so to speak, and I think this is mostly due to the information revolution that is going on right now in the early 21st century. Our web and cloud based storage systems paired with machine learning -- which unless you live somewhere like China or North Korea -- pretty much all the citizens have access to. Even the children. Everyone.

Never before has the world seen so many staggeringly successful young people. The aid of social media and the internet has made it so that anyone who can display extraordinary skill or talent will be rewarded by the algorithms. It's a pretty great world. Not to mention it gets better... you don't even have to be the most talented practitioner, what matters more is that you continuously create content and hone your craft, and this creation and tracking of a journey worth taking is where the true treasures will be later found.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly believe that striving to become world-class at something, and experiencing the journey of actually living that out is one of the most fulfilling uses of one's time. (Also make sure to show your work lol)

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